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Capture and qualify leads with VideoAsk

Attracting and identifying potential customers is a key component of any successful sales strategy. By effectively capturing and qualifying leads, you can build and maintain a thriving customer base, converting website visitors into loyal and satisfied customers.

It’s not always simple, though. Capturing leads can prove challenging, as potential customers may be hesitant to provide their contact information.

That's where VideoAsk steps in, streamlining the process and making it simpler. With VideoAsk, you can engage, connect, and persuade visitors by showcasing the unique value of your business and building trust in a more personal way, resulting in more successful lead capture and qualification efforts.


Whether you create a fun quiz or workshop registration form, give leads access to useful gated content like ebooks or guides, or just opt for an engaging and interactive contact form, doing so via video adds an extra human element to your lead-capture forms.

Using VideoAsk for lead collection helps build instant trust with your potential customers and allows you to talk face-to-face with your leads, but asynchronously and at scale.

As well as staying on-brand and professional, you can take advantage of the many native integrations available to keep track of leads and their responses, or use an automation tool like Zapier or Make to customize your workflow further.

And it doesn't stop there! Use our lead scoring feature to prioritize your strongest prospects and tag respondents' answers to keep track of conversations. Use logic to direct leads down different paths depending on their answers, and invite your hottest leads to jump on a live call with you directly from the videoask.

Nurture prospects by replying to them via video or audio directly from your VideoAsk account, or re-establish contact by sending a direct message.

If you're brand new to videoask (welcome! 👋) we recommend checking out this starter guide on creating your first videoask. There, you'll find a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a single-step event registration form using VideoAsk that captures respondents' names and email addresses.

Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the ways our customers are using VideoAsk to collect and qualify leads. Click on a use case for more details and an example videoask, as well as the key features used. We hope you find something helpful!

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